Honor Magic 5 Pro: In Depth review

The Honor Magic 5 Pro stands out in the crowded world of smartphones, where new ideas and implementations often clash. This instrument is not simply another access to the packed demand; it is a piece of information from Honor, demonstrating their ability to incorporate superior elements with a dapper layout.

In this detailed reexamination from, we’ll scrutinize individual facets of the Honor Magic 5 Pro to see if it lives up to the promotion and how it copes against contenders like the iPhone 13 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Design and build quality

The Honor Magic 5 Pro is a testament to the development of smartphone innovation. This phone exudes a premium feeling from its potent blend of reflector and aluminum body. The curved boundaries are not simply for performance. They make the large 6.81-inch screen manageable even for those with smaller hands.

Construction and materials

The phone’s suspension, with frozen glass on the back and aluminum framing, strikes an excellent balance between luxury and durability. This design preference guarantees that the phone is invulnerable to fingerprints and smears, which keeps it skimming dapper the entire time of the day.

The Honor Magic 5 Pro is available in several colors, consisting of Ceramic White, Midnight Black, and Emerald Green, each presenting a striking visual appeal.

Ergonomics and aesthetics

It is remarkable how comfortable it is to work with the Honor Magic 5 Pro, despite the fact that it is slightly larger. The mechanical design is well believed to escape, with all controllers and the fingerprint scanner within comfortable reach. This brilliant design undervalues random communications and enhances the user’s background.

Comparison with Competitors

When compared to the flat edges of the iPhone 13 Pro, the curved arrangement of the Honor Magic 5 Pro is only somewhat tiring on the fingers because it offers a plentiful amount of benefits. Compared to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, the Honor device boasts a remarkable monitor-to-body ratio while also offering a significantly better resonant color palette due to its exceptional finishing method.

Display Quality

The Honor Magic 5 Pro also includes an OLED display measuring 6.81 inches and displaying a resolution of 2840 by 1312 pixels. This leads to a snappy, crisp image grade with an extraordinary abysm of pigment. The exhibition maintains a 120Hz refresh speed, making scrolling and liveliness incredibly smooth.

Screen Technology and Brightness

OLED technology of the Honor Magic 5 Pro can generate superb depth, and contrast, and give photographs and videos a great visual impression. As bright as up to 1300 nits, which are suitable to be utilized even under diaphanous daylight beneficially for the user interface design or relief of help.

Color accuracy and viewing angles

Display of a 10 bit colour abyss (greater than one billion colours) obliviously involves the impact of the expression accuracy. This, in turn, makes the Honor Magic 5 Pro the ultimate undefeated alternative for those photographers and videographers who rely on its colour calibration for the precision of their work. LCD (liquid crystal devices) show tremendous viewing angles where colour loyalty or illumination is not lost whilst in unfavourable angles.

Special Features

The adoption of HDR10+-content support helps users to comprehend HD movies with a crisp and clear video with improved colour and surface. The feature of adjustability of refresh rate provides a way to contain the battery from being used frequently by gradually reducing the refresh speed which is always great for taking scenes, one of the stylish components that users will appreciate.


Combined with the technological Snapdragon 888 CPU is 12 GB of RAM and up to 256 GB of internal remembrance in the Honor Magic 5 Pro. With the phone acting as a jack of all commerce to handle not only the simplest tasks but as well as the most disciplining games, it just performs seamlessly.

Processor and real-world usage

The Snapdragon 888 is said to be a supercomputer in a class of its own. In real-world use, this means apps launch quickly, multitasking is fluid, and there is no lag or stutter when navigating the UI.

Gaming and multitasking performance

Gamers will be pleased with the Honor Magic 5 Pro’s performance. Popular titles like ‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ and ‘PUBG Mobile run at the highest settings without any frame drops, thanks to the Adreno 660 GPU. The large RAM ensures that you can switch between multiple apps without needing to reload them frequently.

Thermal Management

One of the distinctive aspects of the Honor Magic 5 Pro is its advanced cooling system. The combination of graphene and a vapor chamber cooling procedure confirms that the device stays cool even during intensive gaming sessions or prolonged use, making it a key advantage for energy users.

Camera Capabilities

The Geekzilla.Tech Honor Magic 5 Pro has a 50MP main camera, a 64MP zoom lens, and a 50MP ultra-extensive lens on the back. The Honor Magic 5 Pro also features a 13 MP front camera for taking selfies and making video calls.

Main camera performance

The primary 50 MP sensor captures stunning images with rich detail and dynamic range. In daylight, photos are sharp with well-balanced exposure. The AI scene optimization enhances colors and details without looking unnatural.

The Honor Magic 5 Pro demonstrates its camera performance.

Low-light photography is where the Honor Magic 5 Pro truly shines. The Night Mode leverages AI stabilization and multi-frame processing to produce bright, clear photos even in challenging lighting conditions. The periscope telephoto lens offers up to 10x hybrid zoom, maintaining high image quality even at higher zoom levels.

Video Capabilities

Video enthusiasts will appreciate the ability to record in 4K at 60 fps. The OIS (optical image stabilization) ensures smooth footage, while the AI video editor is a handy tool for making quick edits on the go. Advanced features like real-time HDR and log format support give creative users more flexibility in post-production.

Software and user interfaces

The Honor Magic 5 Pro operates on Magic UI 4.2, a version of Android 11. This trade link is both involuntary and rich in features, providing users with a lack of interruptions.

Operating System and Custom UI Features

Magic UI 4.2 is uncluttered and ready to deliver an interface that produces Android’s solidities while adding proper elements. The Always-On Display (AOD) is fully modifiable and delivers users rapid access to essential knowledge without thoroughly awakening the phone.

Bloatware and additional apps

The Honor Magic 5 Pro, unlike multiple competitions, maintains bloatware to the lowest possible level. The Horizon apps frequently install useful features, and you have the ability to remove any unnecessary ones according to your preferences.

Update policy and support

Honor has devoted itself to furnishing periodic updates for the Magic 5 Pro, with at least two years of primary Android updates and three years of protection patchwork. This obligation is paramount for protecting the appliance, and it is current with the most outstanding segments.

Battery Life and Charging

The Honor Magic 5 Pro’s 4600mAh battery ensures that the phone can withstand a full day of weighty benefits. On intermediate, users can anticipate about 14–16 hours of varied use, which is amazing for a phone with such an extensive, multicolored exhibition.

Charging Speed and Capabilities

With 66W fast-wired charging, the Honor Magic 5 Pro can charge from 0 to 100% in just about 38 minutes. This is especially suitable for those who need to restock quickly before steering avoidance. The device also sustains wireless charging at 50 W, a faster rate than its significant competitors suggest.

Power-Saving Features

The software possesses several energy-saving modes to stretch battery stamina when required. These manners modify CPU interpretation, stage exercise, and mesh cleverness to preserve power, which can exist as a lifesaver during long daylights out from a charger.

Connectivity and Additional Features

The Honor Magic 5 Pro provides all the everyday connectivity options you would expect. It supports 5G, confirming you are prepared for the subsequent epoch of mobile networks. Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, and NFC are all onboard for short and trustworthy affinities.

Network support and 5G capabilities

The inclusion of 5G signifies that the Honor Magic 5 Pro can achieve download speeds that far surpass those of 4G phones. Whether watching videos, downloading extensive files, or playing online games, the additional primary web speeds make a palpable discrepancy.

Unique Features

The phone possesses an IR blaster, which is an infrequent discovery in current smartphones. This permits the Honor Magic 5 Pro to serve as a slight authority on unintelligent dwelling devices. The frequency of dual GPS guarantees additional authentic location quests, which is specifically valuable for navigation apps.

Audio and multimedia

On the Honor Magic 5 Pro, the multiple speaker method provides balanced audio knowledge with transparent thrills and strong lows. Dolby Atmos assets further sweeten the sound, particularly when using headphones or outward speakers.

Speaker quality and enhancements

We adjust the speakers to present an expansive soundstage, making them excellent for watching movies or recreating games without headphones. At higher levels, the sound remains free of distortion, indicating the audio technique’s quality.

DRM and high-quality streaming

The Honor Magic 5 Pro supports Widevine L1, allowing users to stream HD content from useful sources like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. This is critical for anyone who uses their phone as an immediate media consumption device.

Comparisons with Other Smartphones

Priced competitively, the Honor Magic 5 Pro often outperforms its Apple and Samsung counterparts, exhibiting similar or superior features. This makes it an outstanding bargain for anyone looking to get the most technology for their money.

Price-to-Performance Ratio

Priced competitively, the Honor Magic 5 Pro often outperforms its Apple and Samsung counterparts, exhibiting similar or superior features. This makes it an outstanding bargain for anyone looking to get the most technology for their money.

Summary of pros and cons


  • The presentation was excellent, with heightened brilliance and refreshed swiftness.
  • The very best implementation comes from the Snapdragon 888 processor.
  • The camera grade is impressive, especially in inferior rays.
  • Solid battery life with quick charging.
  • The software features the tiniest bloatware and a devotion to recurring updates.


  • The big size may not be for everyone.
  • The lack of a headphone jack could potentially hinder deals for some.
  • The service is limited and free in some locations.


The Honor Magic 5 Pro is a powerhouse that achieves success by combining luxury goods components with an adapted user background. It excels in nearly every space, from routine and portrayal to camera and battery stamina.

If you are in demand for a smartphone that presents exceptional elements without the premium expense, the Honor Magic 5 Pro should stand at the top of your checklist. Whether you are a tech fanatic or just looking for a reliable flagship instrument, this phone is foolproof to ingrain.


How does the Honor Magic 5 Pro perform in terms of gaming?

Thanks to the Snapdragon 888 chipset and 12GB of RAM, the Honor Magic 5 Pro presents a velvety state of readiness to address gaming arrangements with superior-grade titles.

Can the Honor Magic 5 Pro handle multitasking?

Absolutely! The large RAM and decisive processor allow for unbroken flow switching between tasks with no lag or downshift.

What is the camera zoom like on the Honor Magic 5 Pro?

Comparing 10X hybrid zoom with additional smartphones, Honor Magic 5 Pro manages to keep a high resolution photos and videos that sketch whe are interested in at first sight.

Is the Honor Magic 5 Pro good for watching movies and videos?

Certainly, Magic 5 Pro, by its large OLED screen with support for HDR10+ and Dolby atmos sound has evolved excellent for using media help.

How durable is the Honor Magic 5 Pro?

Featuring a double-sided reflector and aluminum, while the rear part will continue to be created of a frosted reflector, which in kindness resists common grazes and scratches, the Honor Magic 5 Pro is an extremely resistant smartphone.

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